April 15, 2013

Moving Day ... And Other Shit

Last Friday, Jan and I bought a new couch and chair for our family/back room.  They will be delivered today, so we'll spend a couple of hours clearing out stuff so the movers can get in.  Jan is skeptical about the chair, but I like it.

Also, one year ago today, I had a stage 3 tumor the size of a woman's fist removed from my stomach.  Seems like it was much longer ago, but time stretches and shrinks according to how you think about things.  Glad to still be here today, even if it is chemo week (my favorite).

Also, looking forward to another week of rain.  You have to love the upper midwest to live here.

April 14, 2013

Random Thoughts Part ??

I was doing some deep thinking the other day and it occurred to me that I still had a web log.  So, I checked in and saw that the last time I had written anything was before Christmas.  Not much has happened in my little world since then, but thought I might add a new post, for those readers who may have written me off as vanished from the face of the earth.

I'm still semi-retired.  Not working during the winter is a mixed bag.  On one hand, you don't have to stress about what the weather is like and how the hell you're going to get to work on those mornings when it's snowing, and there have been a lot of those days this year.  On the other hand, you get bored easily, because you can't get out and do things.  So ... I've tried to keep myself occupied doing things like ...

Discount Double-Check
Jan and I visited our insurance agent last week.  Seeing as we are both retired, driving less, and my truck is 15 years old and the tires are worth more than the whole vehicle itself ... well, we thought we could save some money.  After a 15 minute rambling lecture on the sad state of the insurance industry, punctuated by my trying to get the asshole back on track to save us some money, two things were accomplished.  We saved about 20 dollars a year and came to the realization that we needed a new insurance agent.

Critiquing Daytime Television
As someone of some note said in the 1950's, television is the vast wasteland.  Especially daytime TV.  After flipping back and forth between ABC and NBC morning offerings for several months, I determined the following ...  Although Al Roker thinks Al Roker is funny, Al Roker is horribly mistaken.  There is an hour long abortion on at noon time named "The Chew", which features an insufferable 5 person cast who spend the hour doing their best to make you wince at their lame cooking and chatter.  After several viewings I crowned "Chef" Michael Symon as the winciest because of his constant high pitched giggle and total lack of charisma.

Now I just cruise Netflix and Amazon Prime ... and pray for warm weather.

Silently Yell At Cancer Commercials
I swear to all that is holy, that more money is spent on cancer treatment commercials on daytime television than is spent on cancer research itself.  I miss the days when laundry detergent and spray on starch ruled the commercial airwaves.  Cancer has certainly turned into a big time business.

Well, I've had my Sunday morning rant.  After 7 straight days of rain, I noticed that the sun has come out, and the weather dude says it might reach 60 this afternoon.  Time to do a little yard work and throw some chicken on the grill.

Until next time ...