May 09, 2013

Duck Tale

In the 27 years we've lived in this house, we've had our share of wild animals hanging around, even though we live in a pretty well populated neighborhood.  There's been the wily fox, the cunning coyote, the fucking deer, the putrid raccoon ... plus loads of squirrels and noisy songbirds.  But, until last Sunday, there had never been the friendly, but freaked out duck.

She nested in our flower garden on the east side of our house, and I didn't know she was there until I walked by on Sunday afternoon.  A burst of feathers and and duck heading straight for your head flying for her life is something you don't forget too soon.  Strange, I thought.  Aren't  ducks supposed to stay still and guard their eggs?

Well, she had four of them, and she didn't come back until evening, when I mistakenly walked by again and almost had my shoulder taken off.  Then she was gone until the next day, when she bushwhacked me again.

I figured the eggs had no chance, and if she was this freaky, they were as good as dead.

Which they were.

I went out this afternoon and found this ...

Duck Egg Mash Up

Either lady duck got super pissed off that her eggs wouldn't hatch and tore them to shreds, or a fox, coyote or raccoon/T-Rex found them .... AND ATE THEIR INSIDES!!

Mother Nature's a bitch sometime.  But at least there will be no more duck trying to take my head off when I walk around the side yard.  I hope she finds a better nest next time.

AND .... by the way, did you know you can by 100 little wire flags ... just like the utilities use ... at Home Depot for for 7 dollars?

Hours of fun!

I'm easily amused.