December 20, 2011

The Failure Of The Trial Run

Sometimes ... most times actually ... things don't turn out quite as you had planned them.

When my contract at Giant Pharmaceutical Company ended last June, I decided I was going to take the opportunity to see what it would be like if I were to retire.  A sort of trial run.

In the beginning, things were great.  Summer was just taking hold and I started to take morning walks.  Projects that had been put on hold were taken up again ... and completed.  There was an opportunity to take a trip to visit my Mother one last time.

And then Summer ended.  Jan went back to work and I was left to hold the fort down during the day.  I continued with the early morning walks until it became too cold ... and too damned dark to see where I was going.  Monday's were "housecleaning day".  I made dinner every night.  Clothes had to be washed.  To get out of the house, I'd make up errands that needed to be run.  Have you ever been to Walmart in the middle of the morning on a weekday ... when everyone else is at work?  The clientele leaves something to be desired.  But then you think, "why I'm right here among them ... I'm the same as they are."


I became desperate to keep busy.  I emptied the basement of 24 years of accumulated furniture and garbage.  The Cancer Federation, Salvation Army and Goodwill became frequent visitors to cart away the boxes of donations.  I watched all 27 episodes of "Trailer Park Boys".  I started to put together a 1/64th scale model of a B-24 Liberator bomber.  I pretended to be interested in Revolutionary War history.

I roamed the house, stared out the windows and became suddenly fascinated by the neighbors comings and goings.

I started to lose my mind.

And then ... just before Thanksgiving ... Giant Pharmaceutical House called and wanted me back.  And I started working again several weeks ago.

When someone tells you, or you read an article advising you that you had better be prepared and have a plan for something to keep you occupied when you retire.

It's no joke.

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  1. I don't think I can ever retire - I'm afraid I'd become a raging alcoholic inside of a month. Hell, you've gotta do SOMETHING to pass the time, right?

    Luckily, my company has no pension plan, so I guess I don't need to worry about it.