February 09, 2011

Single Digit Thoughts

For reasons I'll explain sometime in the future, this has been one of the shittiest weeks I've experienced in quite some time.  And it isn't even over yet.

This morning, the mountains of snow surrounding my house glitter in the morning sun.  But that's all they're going to do today ... Glitter ... as the temperature outside is at a balmy two.

My neighbor and I have come to an uneasy truce after days of blowing snow on each other's driveways.  The village has made their last attempt to clear our small cul-de-sac, piling giant hills of frozen precipitation half way into our front yard.  The only way I can see anything but the roofs of any of my neighbor's houses is to peer out from the second floor windows of our house.

There comes a point in every one of my 33 years in this part of the country where something snaps and you can't stand winter any more.  The point where you don't even want to go outside and that you feel that some animals are much smarter than you because they have enough sense to simply sleep during this period of time.

This morning, my thoughts turned to where we plan to be in another couple of years.  About 600 miles south of here, where the winters are milder and it hardly ever snows or gets below freezing.  And then I opened the on-line newspaper for the town and saw that they were in the middle of their third blizzard in as many weeks.

Did I mention what a shitty week this has been?

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  1. I think the weather is getting everybody down. If I could sleep from January 1 to March 1, I'd do it. Gladly.