July 18, 2011

I Forgot I Had A Blog

That must be the reason it's the 18th of the month and I haven't posted anything yet.

Actually, I think I did this same thing last July.  There must be something about this particular month that makes people non-bloggy, since I haven't seen too many posts from the other people that I read either.  At least I'm not alone.

Oh, not that there's been nothing happening.  There was that one Sunday morning that I walked past a man standing in his driveway at 7:00 a.m. in nothing but his tighty whities, yelling at his wife/girlfriend that he promised to go back to AA and that he "loved her to death", and then the strange thing that happened right after.  Or the morning I was out walking when the storm of the century whipped up and I was almost killed by a combination of wind, lightning, breaking tree limbs and flying trash cans.  Or the 48 hours where I relived part of my childhood ... the part without lights and air conditioning.

But those are stories for another time.  I've also been painting my ass off, sawing wood, firing nail guns and getting heat stroke.

So, as a little reward for myself, Jan and I are hitting the road tomorrow to trade the killer heat and humidity of Northern Illinois for the murderous heat and humidity of Southern Missouri.  And while we're there, we'll be staying at several fine Clarion Hotels.  "Clarion Suites ... where we provide free bath soap and maybe even shampoo if you're lucky."

And after a week back in my ancestral home, I'm sure I'll have lots more stuff to write about besides the guy standing in his driveway in his underwear, yelling.

Plus, I'll take lots of weird shit pictures to post.

Because blogs are always more interesting with weird shit pictures in them.

So, until next time ... Adios Amigos!