April 05, 2012

Restaurant Recommendation

I may live in the greater Chicagoland area, but the aura of the city is weak here in the Northern Suburbs.  And that's why when the local police chief gets arrested for drunken driving/auto accident/concealing a firearm ... and then tries to make it all disappear by flashing his badge at a Wisconsin deputy sheriff, well it's a real hoot.

But I didn't really give a shit about that.  Happens all the time.  What did catch my eye was where the police chief and his wife had left prior to his little incident.  The Twin Oaks Country Inn in Wilmot, Wisconsin.

If you live here, you quickly become aware of the lack of new or even decent restaurants ... that is unless you really enjoy Applebee's and TGIF Friday.  So, the big news in the police chief story, as far as I was concerned, was A NEW PLACE TO EAT!  And I've made my reservations for Saturday night already.  After all, if the police chief and his wife had THAT MUCH fun, it's going to be a blast.

Oh ... and the police chief.  Well, he's in a bit of hot water and he's going to have to face the Mayor and other village bigwigs tonight to see if he keeps his job or not.  And ... I happen to work with the mayor of this village.  I say "know", but I just sat with him in a meeting once and all the women at the table fawned over him because he was a mayor.  Plus, he looks like that guy in high school who was always successful and you hated.  Plus his name is "Rhett".  If my parents had named me Rhett, I would have changed it to D'Shawn when I was 18.

How someone can work full time for a giant pharmaceutical house and still have time to be a mayor is beyond me, but I guess his manly good looks get him through it.

Anyway, Mayor Manly Goodlooks will probably be too wimpy to fire the police chief ... and the citizens of the village will rise against him and run him out of office in disgrace.

That would be awesome.

Next Post:  I Review The Twin Oaks Country Inn While Not Driving While Intoxicated.

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