April 12, 2012


Last night I was cruising through the internet, because I was really bored.  I was bored because I had the channel locked into "Storage Wars".  I like Storage Wars, but I don't like the fact that they never seem to make any new episodes.  So, on Tuesday and Wednesday night, I turn the channel to A&E and watch "SW".  But, just like the last Tuesday and Wednesday for what must be 8 weeks now, it was just a bunch or reruns.  They tried to spice it up a bit this week by featuring "Barry", but it was a sham.  Barry is in almost all of the episodes, so they just ran their regular shitty reruns.

Storage Wars is so popular, that A&E decided months ago to saturate and kill the idea by making a spin-off named "Storage Wars -Texas".  This is a much worse show.  There are two obese guys, one guy named "Moe", one named "Victor" and an odd team of a trailer trash middle-aged woman who is accompanied by a huge black guy who she bosses around.  I can't figure out the relationship.  He's either her employee at her junk shop; her husband; her slave, or all three.  Like I said, I can't figure it out, but he calls her "Miz Daisy" or something and whines whenever she spends a dollar or he figures he's going to have to pick up a box.

My cable bill with Xfinity, or Comcast ... or whatever these robber barons call themselves is almost a hundred dollars a month for the television cable alone.  So, I figure I'm paying a pretty penny for an hour of news and 3 hours of Storage Wars an evening.  But, that's my problem I suppose.

Anyway, last night I was half-watching Storage Wars and tooling around the internet when I ran across one of those sites that make the intertubes so cool.

The site was called "Walk Score".  And it rates all parts of the country for walkability.

I live in a small suburban neighborhood many moons north of Chicago.  And, when I get a chance, I walk.  I find it pleasant and quiet, with a few parks to meander through that have birds and streams and just once in while ... Canadian Geese with homicidal tendencies.  But I like it.

Walk Score rates neighborhoods from zero to one hundred for their walkability, so I figured my neighborhood would score high.  I plugged in my address and zip code and waited for the Walk Score computer thingy to pass it's judgement.  And my neighborhood received a ...


And New York City ... that place of crime and grime and God knows what?


Turns out, to be a big shot on Walk Score, there have to be restaurants, bars, grocery stores and strip joints (kidding) within reasonable walking distance to make the grade.  22 in my neighborhood means I have to "Drive" to get places.

Okay, fair enough.  But I'll take this quiet little area any day over anyplace in New York City.  If you'd like to see the score/rate in your area, just click here.

And remember, there are other things in life besides commercial establishments within walking distance to make your place special.

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  1. My boys love SW, and set the DVR to record it...now the whole memory is filled up and I'm pretty sure it is the same two episodes over and over. There's another show like it...two guys in Boston or somewhere on East Coast that is better, bc they find really old stuff but I can't remember what it's called so I'm no help at all to your boredom. My house scores an 85 in Walkability, so I don't watch much TV. ;-)