December 12, 2010

Wrong Room

Epic moments in life ...

Friday morning at work, I was making one of my many stops to the men's room.  When I was younger, one of the cruel nick-names my so-called friends pinned on me was "Peanut Bladder".  If they were still around today, they probably would have changed it to "Ginormous Prostate Gland", but they aren't and that's just as well.

Anyway, I strolled into the men's room, sidled up to the urinal and did my business.  As I was walking over to the wash basins, I noted two pairs of legs in adjoining stalls. I was washing my hands when I heard one of the toilets flush.  The stall door opened and out walked ...

A woman.

I peered at her.  She gaped at me.  And ...

Woman Who Can't Read Door Signs (WWCRDS):  Tell me you're in the wrong place.

Me:  No, I'm afraid you are.

WWCRDS:  OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!  (Bolts toward exit and crashes through door)

Me: (muttering to myself)  Did that just happen?

Man In Stall (MIS):  Was that a woman?

Me:  Yes.

MIS:  Ohhhhhhh ... Shit!  Did you hear me in here?

Me:  Yeah, you were making quite a racket.

MIS:  Ohhhhh, shit.  I wonder if she saw my shoes?

Me:  I wouldn't worry about it.  She looked pretty shocked.  She'll probably have short term memory loss.

MIS:  You think so?

Me:  Yeah.

As I left the wash room, I thought "Hey, that guy had a point.  She got a good look at me and I got a good look at her.  That would be awkward if I saw her again".

So, for a few hours, I scoped out the halls before I committed myself to travel through them and looked around corners before turning them.  But after a while it became apparent that she had taken leave.

I think I would have too.


  1. You'd think seeing the urinals when she walked in would've tipped her off.

  2. Yeah, that's what I thought too. Singularity of purpose I suppose.

  3. Was that me? Cause I have done that many a time...

  4. On purpose though ... right?