June 02, 2011

The Siege - Day 3

I can't believe that after 3 long days, my contractor still hasn't finished my kitchen. Some people told me that wouldn't happen, but I didn't believe them.  Jan and I are still living like prisoners in our own house.  Jan has it worse though.  She's at home with the artisans, listening to their noise and cursing.  I get to stay at work all day, and all that greets me when I get home is chaos and the smell of stale farts.

This is all supposed to be done next Monday night ... indeed the workers are even coming in on Saturday to try to catch up to their (obviously) impossible schedule.  We won't be here, so I wish them luck.  Here are some pictures so I can share the misery.

Living Room and Some Kitchen Shit All Jammed In a Corner

The White One Goes ... The Stainless Stays.  New Dishwasher and Over-the Stove Microwave Hiding In the Corner

Kitchen and Dining.  Floor In, But Cabinets Untouched

Oven in the Family Room

And ... I Guess the Cars Won't See the Inside of the Garage for a While Longer

The experts say that the mind doesn't remember pain.  I wonder if that also goes for a gigantic pain in the ass?  If we don't go crazy first, I'll be back in a week or so with the finished product.  Just thought I'd share.

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