January 26, 2012

Well, Did You Ever?

As all of us seasoned bloggers like me out there know, there are sometimes ... ethical issues that you must face before you decide to write, and even publish a post.

And yes, I do consider myself a seasoned blogger because in 3 years of doing this, I've been approached via blanket e-mail several times by individuals asking if I would be interested in posting ads for magazines that no one in their right minds would read ... unless you were ex-POW John McCain years ago when he was sitting in the Hanoi Hilton without so much as an Archie Digest to fill the lonely hours.

Seasoned bloggers face ethical challenges every time they lay themselves out there for you, the blog reading public, for scrutiny.  For example, when getting really amped up about a subject do you say "F**k", "Fudge", "Phooey", or just "Fuck"?  Being bold, blue and proud of it ... I just say Fuck, because that's the bold way I roll.

Anyway, what if you were presented with an idea ... no, make it a revelation that was so interesting yet disturbing that it would no doubt send your comments section on fire and make you a shoo-in for Bloggers "Blogs Of Note" for the day?

Many of you experienced scribblers would say:  "Why yes you fucking idiot, of course I would!"

But ... what if it concerned your FAMILY?  Your immediate family?  Not Cousin Bobby Ray or Great Grampopsie Enos ... your immediate family.  And what if the little tidbit concerned someone from your spouse's side of the family?

Yeah.  What would you do then SMARTASS?

That's the choice I have to make some time in the near to distant future.  To tell the whole truth, it's not like my immediate family actually reads my blog.  I think they did at first, but I don't think anyone, especially Jan, has in the last year or so.  I'm fairly certain that they've just forgotten that it's there.

If I could be absolutely, positively sure of that, then I'd have no problem divulging this TERRIBLE FAMILY SECRET/TRAGEDY.

So, in the coming days ... or months, I'll have to pull the trigger one way or the other.  You'll have to keep reading to find out.

I think this is what they call, in the business ...

A hook.

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