April 30, 2009

I Let My Best Girl Go

Jan decided it was time to drive herself to school this morning.  She broke her pedal foot about a month ago when she did a half-gainer into a row of folding chairs at school.  But, it is mending nicely and when we visited Dr. Vora last week, he said she could go without her clunko boot if she chose.  So, we went to Rogan's to get her a pair of "sturdy" shoes to wear in the interim period until her foot is completely healed.  They look like something a lumberjack would wear on a night on the town and she appears completely hippie-esque when she wears a skirt, but they'll do for the time being.

I'll miss our conversations on the way to and from school, which went generally like this:

Me:  "Some statement or observation that is highly intelligent."
Jan:  "What?"
Me:  "God damn it Jan, you need to go to an audiologist."
Jan:  "Well you need to see a speech therapist.  You sound like you have a mouthful of marbles."
Me:  "Wooden ear."
Jan:  "Eat shit."

So, I watched her drive off in the rain this morning, back to normal. It felt like the first day I dropped Sean off at pre-school.  "Sigh."

But we'll always have April.

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