April 27, 2009

Monday Doesn't Always Suck

Being in-between jobs (okay, out of work), I've taken over running the house while Jan teaches school.  One of my duties is to clean house.  I generally do this on Monday morning, and although it only takes a couple of hours,  it's my least favorite activity.  Me being me, I start dreading it the night before.

This morning, I took Jan to work.  I've been dropping her off and picking her up for a little over a month now because she broke her gas pedal foot and she's been wearing this humongous boot contraption. On the way home, I dropped off one of her skirts at the dry cleaners for an event she has coming up.

We stopped using the dry cleaners a couple of years back to save some money, so I hadn't seen the lady/owner for at least that long.  So I walked in and rang the desk bell and she came skipping up front.  She looked at me and the first thing she said was "Oh, you lost so much weight!  You look very handsome now!"  And me being me, I thought "gee, I must have looked like shit the last time she saw me."  But I have lost about 70 pounds (spending most of 2007 recovering from hepatitis will do that to you), and she made me feel really good.

When I got home I flew through the Monday clean with a grin on my face.

Oh, Dry Cleaning Lady, if I weren't married........

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