October 01, 2009

Guest Post

Hi all.  I'm off doing something of great importantness today.  I hope to be back soon, but in my absence, I've asked an old friend to fill in for me.  I didn't give him any instructions or suggestions on what to talk about, but I hope you'll find him entertaining.  Hey, I just hope he doesn't say anything bad about me!  Ha, Ha!  So won't you give your full undivided attention to Mr. Richard Dreyfuss!


Um, hi.  Bob texted me late yesterday and asked if I wouldn't mind writing a post in his web log today.  I tried to call him to say I couldn't do it, but he didn't answer his phone.  I didn't really have anything else going today, so I thought I'd write a few paragraphs.  He did tell me that this was a sort of humorous blog and that he had a ton of readers and I might pick up a few new fans, but after reading a few of his posts, the content seems to be rather vague and juvenile.  Plus he only appears to have a few readers and several of them don't seem to have any pictures of themselves.

I guess you could say I met Rod at a rest area in Colorado last summer.  He was at a urinal next to me and kept staring, so I smiled and said hi, even though it was against my better judgement.  We talked about the weather for a few minutes and he followed me out to my car.  I remember that he did offer me part of a sandwich. Oh, he also asked me if Robert Shaw was as mean to me on the set as he was in the movie.  I truly don't remember ... it was quite a while back.  He also asked me if I went to his and Roy Scheider's funerals.  I thought that was rather rude and told him so.  That's kind of all I remember about him, except that he kept saying he'd call me and a couple of hours later I realized that my cell phone was missing.

So, that's about it.  And Bob, when you read this, I know you took my phone and I ask if you will return it because I really would prefer not to get the police involved in such a small matter.  Also, please stop calling my friends. Some of them are very angry with me and have had to have their numbers changed.

Oh, as long as I'm here.  I have a new film project that I've just finished.  It's named "The Lightkeepers" and I believe it's due to be released soon ... maybe over the holidays, I'm not really sure.  I'd appreciate if the ... eh ... six of you could take the time to go see it.  Maybe take a couple of friends.  Sometimes even a hundred dollars or so in gate receipts can make the difference in a motion picture breaking even.

So, um ... Thanks.


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