December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Although it occurs during my most unfavorite season of the year, this day and evening remains one of the best days for me.  When I was a boy, it was exruciating to sit through, and seemed to never end.  It was the one night that I didn't mind going to bed, because the sooner I did, the quicker my parents would put the presents under the tree and I could enjoy the next day reveling in all of the wonderful things I had received.

Times change and you get older.  That's when the anticipation that is Christmas Eve is better than Christmas itself.  And unless you have small children, Christmas is somewhat of a letdown.

Some people look back on the year that has passed on New Year's Eve, but I do it on this day, and try to put into perspective what has happened to me.

2009 was better than most.  I was able to start and complete projects that I had only thought about for years.  I started a new job that will allow me to use my talents to others benefit.  And I was fortunate enough to go on an extended adventure with my wife, where even after 35 years, we were able to learn more about each other and tighten our bond, as we visited places we had never seen, and may never see again.

I watched an old friend slowly drift away from me, but as often happens in life, I forged a new friendship  with another.  And I watched my son continue to develop into his own person and to find someone that he truly cares about.

So tonight, Jan and I will sit by the fire, safe from the cold outside.  We'll eat pizza and watch movies and banter back and forth like we always do. And I'll wring every last minute from this wonderful day and remember for a while what a lucky person I am to be right here ... right now.

Merry Christmas to all my visitors.  Have a wonderful evening.

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