December 09, 2009

Good Will Towards ... Somebody

We had our first "significant" snow of the season last night and today.  I had bought a new snow blower several weeks ago, because our present one had seen better days, and insisted on stalling out when confronted with even a handful of snow in front of it.  Rather than ignore it's severe limitations and pretend that all was well, which would eventually result in me throwing it across the yard in a fit of rage, I shelled out a significant amount of money and bought a new one.  All day, while at work, I had looked forward to getting home and firing up the new one to put it through it's paces.

But, when I pulled onto the street this evening, the first thing I noticed was that our driveway was completely clear.  Not only was the driveway free of snow, but the front walk and steps had been shoveled clean and a nice scattering of salt had been spread to keep ice from forming.

I was at once disappointed and relieved.  My snow blower would remain in the garage in pristine condition, but I wanted to see if the damned thing worked the way I expected.  The first thing I wondered was who had done it, but everyones driveway was clear, so I couldn't nail it down to any one person.

Given the fact that everyone in the neighborhood is very "stoic" and not prone to bragging about helping other people without their knowledge, I guess I'll never know for sure.  Which means I'll have to be nice to everybody for a while, flashing my charming smile and waving crazily at all as they drive by.

This is hard for me as I am a sullen bastard by nature.  Just ask any kid in the neighborhood about the "very mean man".  But since this is the season of joy, I think I'll ask Jan to make up a batch of her locally famous "toothbreaker" Christmas cookies so I can leave a tin anonymously on each of our neighbors doorsteps.  This way I'll be sure to repay the person who helped me today.

And then I'll have to clear everyone's driveways after the next snow to make up for the cookies.

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