December 13, 2009

Alternative Universe Hitler

People often ask me "Rob, where do you get the ideas for your blog?"  Actually, no one asks me that, but it seemed like a good way to start this particular post.  It's another late night Saturday, and I was sitting up here in my roost, wondering whether to turn in or wait up until "Songs of Love" comes on WFMT at midnight.  While I was waiting, I decided to look for pictures of Adolf Hitler, for no particular reason.  This same "no particular reason" mentality caused my feverish hunt for pictures of Rachael Ray's boobs on a similar Saturday night several months ago.

Well, I found some that I hadn't seen before.  And that's saying something because I was a real Adolf Hitler aficionado in my youth, which just confirms how troubled I was at that age.  Anyway, I was looking at a couple of these pictures, and wondered what would have happened if Adolf had decided to go into advertising or children's book publishing.  Things would have been a whole lot different.

For example, what would have happened if AH had pitched the RCA people his version of what is probably the greatest advertising campaign of the 20th century?

His Master's Voice

Der Fuhrer's Voice

And the National Socialist Party was always fond of reporting about Hitler's love of children and his concerns for their future.  That must have been why he organized "Hitler Youth", Germany's answer to Cub Scouting.  But really, what if Hitler had developed an earlier version of a very popular book series ...

If you loved Where's Waldo
You would have loved ...

Where's Adolf?

Did you find him?  It was a little difficult.  Try to find him in this picture ...

There, that was a little easier.

Well, that would all have been great if it had actually happened, but as many of us are painfully aware, it did not ... and here we are.

Okay, it's midnight, and I have decided to turn in after all, but it's been fun and I hope I've got you all thinking about "Alternative Universes" and the wacky things that could occur in them.

And if you didn't, then maybe it's time for you to turn in too, or at least take a nap.

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