August 07, 2009

Late Night Rachael Madness

There's a period of time in the evening where I sign off downstairs and come up to the second floor to look at things on the computer before I go to bed.  Sometimes I'll catch up on the news in the  local papers, or read blogs or just play solitaire.

Tonight, I spent almost an hour looking on Google for posts concerning Rachael Ray's boobs.

Why?  Because there is something basically wrong about the way they look.  They are just ... well, weird.  I first noticed this several years ago when I was recovering from an illness and watched the Food Network almost all the time from my "get well" chair.  I've mentioned this to Jan several times, and she just doesn't see it.  But she's not real observant sometimes.

Now look, here's what I'm talking about:

See how they seem to be migrating towards her arms while ascending to her shoulders?  It's like they're just not in the right place.  Well, after an hour of looking, the only post I found was from someone who wished she wouldn't wear such low cut blouses on her cooking show because it isn't tasteful, or some shit like that.

I hope she quits showing them because their placement is totally freaking me out!  I hope someone else sees this besides me.

Maybe I should just turn in now and get some sleep.

1 comment:

  1. There are many things wrong with Rachel Ray, I suppose this is as legit a thing to obsess about as any.