August 20, 2009

Augering In

Holy hell in a handbasket.  When I started this innocent little "entryway" project last weekend, I had no clue that it would take on the characteristics of the chain reaction that ends in a nuclear explosion.

Last week, I thought it would be a good idea to get rid of the crummy linoleum that we had in the entry way since the house's inception.  So, I started to buy the things I thought I would need to complete it.  In my mind, all I would need were boards ... shit I had everything else I needed.

I thought.  Five days after I started, I finally laid the last board in the entryway closet late this morning.  Ahhh, done.  Shit ... yeah, I'll be done after I weather proof the doors, paint the inside of the doors, paint the inside of the closet, paint the trim and new closet door, trim and fit the new closet door, install the trim ... and this doesn't even include the stuff I have to finish in the basement after I ripped up most of the subfloor because of the water damage.

So far, I figure that this little project of mine has cost almost seven hundred dollars and 40 hours of labor.  And I'm just half-done!  I mean, if I wanted to hire me to do this job, I couldn't afford me!

The Money Pit

And everything else is going to hell around here while I fiddle-fuck with this project.  The lawn needs mowing, I have to get ready for two interviews the first of next week, and a bunch of other things that I've let slide.

The way I figure it, the beginning of September will be here before I can find a natural stopping point and rest.

But, I bitch now.  In a couple of months, I'll have forgotten all about it.  And I'll find something else to drive me batshit. 

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  1. But it looks beautiful! I loved the comment that you can't afford yourself.

    I totally lucked out. My friend's neighbor and his friend are both out of work. I had them replace some siding and do some other odd jobs around the place that I could never do on my own. They did a fantastic job and gave me a great deal. Unfortunately I paid them before they completed one last project and can't get in touch with them now. His cell phone was disconnected due to lack of payment.