August 18, 2009


There's a line in one of the James Bond books, where 007 reflects after having had the shit beaten out of him by some super-baddie.  He thinks to himself that it's a good thing that the mind does not remember physical pain.

I suppose I could juggle that line around a little to describe my situation today.  The mind does not remember what a pain in the ass the last home improvement project was, and since the owner does not remember, he subjects himself to round after round of frustration and grief.

I'm in the  middle of, what IsweartoGodonastackofBibles will be my last project of the Summer, the installation of a wooden floor in our home's entryway.  And like 80 percent of the other projects I've started (and finished) on this house, I've never done anything like this before. So it's like a rerun that you've never seen.  It's all new to me.

After two 9 hour days, I'm taking a day off today to rest my sore muscles and hands.  And to let my mind repair itself so that I can lay the floor tomorrow without looking on it as the thirteen steps to the gallows.


What?  Two days and I haven't even laid a single board yet?  Yes.  I had to remove the adhesive tiles first.  And after the tiles were removed, the ugliness began.  Water damage and rot so bad that I had to rip out half of the subfloor, reframe and replace the flooring.  Thank you intertubes for helping me figure that one out.

This afternoon, I'll scour the net again to get all the opinions on the best way to lay my floor.  I'm sure everyone will agree that there's just one definitive way to do it ...  And then I'll stumble on and do it the way I always do it.  Trial and error.  Well, whatever I do has to look better than this:


Such a small area.  Such big problems.  May the force be with me.


  1. It's just like childbirth. If we remembered how painful it was we would never do it again.

    Good luck getting it all completed without too many swear words getting thrown around. Sometimes I think it would be much better to just call the landlord and tell him something needs to be fixed then I'm like 'Oh fuck, I'm the landlord"

  2. I'm great at starting projects, TERRIBLE at finishing.