April 04, 2010

Yankee Dog Comics

I bought some Oriental piece of crap from World Market a couple of weeks ago, and as I was unpacking it from it's box, I came across some Japanese newspapers used for padding and thought I'd share this interesting piece.  I had no idea that Japanese newspapers ran American comics.

The Kitakyushu Post
About Our Comics!

Nature Punchman Go!

Nature Punchman Go! is most popular Yankee comic ever in Japan!  Read and see why!  A brave man uses fist of nature power to stop dog hunters, fullbellies, and beard men.  He can summon giant talking beasts to aid his just cause!  Very exciting comic almost as good as manga!  Punchman's real name is Mack Trailer.  He never has gun, only fist and sometime SUPER MAGIC BATTLE CAMERA!  Watch for it!  He has son, dog and wife sometimes!

Baka Family In Round Picture

English language can be hard to learn!  In this school age comic Baka Family acts stupid and talk slow so it is easy for little kids to read them.  It helps them how to read and count and draw and walk sometimes.  Also the Bakas teach young USA kids how not to act.  American moms say to disobedient children, "Don't be a Baka Family member!'

Why They Not Married? Apartment

Here are three pretty ladies that not attract husbands after trying 40 years.  Why?  Because they just so crazy!  Kitakyushu Post promises you laugh and laugh with this unexpected comic!  Reminds us of famous USA comedies like Seinfeld or Sex In A City.  You ask yourself, WOAH! What these crazy ladies do next?  No wonder they not married!  Ha ha ha for hours!

Sinister Overalls Boy

Do you like to read a Stephenking about an evil Gaijin with supermagical powers?  You will be terrified by Sinister Overalls the Neighbor Boy!  He haunts a terrorified Mister Wilson.  Why can not a Mr. Wilson not escape him?  Slowly, twisted secrets are revealed over decades in this USA classic.  Drawn by large award winning American manga artist Hank Ketchup.

Boring Girl Ruriko

What?  You thought all USA girls famous and naked rich like Paris Hotels?  No chance!  Ruriko is plain looks, bad sports, bad dance, not smart, just ordinary upper second school girl!  She embraces boring life and pretends she is important! Most USA young ladies like to read this strip and think it is about them!  Ruriko also has a dressmaker boyfriend and a potato face brother that dates a fireman futanari.

Mrs. Crazyfits

Here is very popular comic in America!  It is political satire like Mr. Bill Really.  Mrs.  Crazyfits is over the top clown woman!  Why always was going crazy wasting her husband money with shopping and eating and crying for hours.  She can't even do simple house hold chores without violent fits!  Great comic relief this one, making fun of USA gals.


Each day a real Yankee fullbelly writes to the manga artist and describes for him a terrible aspect about the Born in the USA life they all suffer indignity from.  The manga artist draws them like big slovenly animals.  Why they animals?  What?  You have to ask?  OK to laugh at big dumb American beasts!  Hoo boy yeah!

Salary Man Scribbling

Hey chief!  Want to look at secrets inside Yankee technology company?  Read this dramatic real life story of unqualified engineering and missing team spirit.  Keen glance into sickly competitors.  Art is done in sloppiest style, symbolic of shoddy workmanship.

Mariko Worth

By now you wonder, Wow!  Are all USA comics about insanes, oafs, and fullbellies?  Nice guess, but no!  Her is a graceful historical adventure about good manners taking place in the 1950's of USA!  Mariko Worth is respected in her small country village of Chatterstone.  Good quality guys here, no need for labor!  Relaxing escape into warmbelly USA charming rustic life.  Watch them eat sushi outside their orange adobe community cottage like many happy Ronald Reagans.

Also look for world favorites like OniMan in Purple Wetsuit, Shame Platoon, Saggy Canadian and Fuzzy Catdog ... all in your Kitakyushu Post!

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