January 11, 2011

One Blog Is Usually Enough

Like most of my ideas, I'm not sure of the exact events that led me to start my blog several years ago.  I knew that I liked to write, and I did have some subjects that I wanted to write about.  In addition, I had a lot of time on my hands.  The more blog posts I put up, the more confident I became; and after a month or so, I thought I had more ideas than I could possibly fit into "Frogs For Lunch".  So I started another blog, and then another, and then another.  By the time I realized that I was out of control, I had started three other blogs, all with no direction.

Finally, common sense took hold.  I admitted to myself that I barely had enough ideas to keep "Frogs" going on a regular basis, and let the others die a slow death.  But, like other peoples' failed blog attempts, they mostly still float around in the ether, ever present, but abandoned.  Yesterday, I happened to run across one of my old ones, and found the post reprinted below.

Jan and I were getting ready to go on our month-long road trip out west, and I knew I needed to get the car checked up before we left.  The repair shop found a gazillion things wrong with it.  Jan was teaching summer school, and so rather than waiting all day, I walked home.  Later in the day, after the repairs were made, I walked back to pick the car up.  It was a nice early summer day, and I took my camera along. 

From 2009 and a blog long dead, here's a post I titled "The Long Walk" ...

As I mentioned several posts ago, I had to take a walk to the auto shop yesterday to pick up Jan's car.  And I brought my camera along to save the memory in pictures.  Come along with me!  (You can click on the pictures to make them larger)

This is the park just up the street from my house.  No Smoking!

Ugly yellow Smart Car.

Pitter Patter Pre-School with Pink Jeep out front.

"The Market"  Where I buy all of my losing Lotto tickets.

Grass Lake Road.  Careful crossing!  Lots of traffic.

Oooh!  Garage Sale!

Just a bunch of junk.  No one is interested.

Stupid cat.  It thinks that I can't see it.

Stop Teenage Abortion!  This sign has been up for over a year.

I like this house.  But I'd put it somewhere else.

Another park.  You can't smoke here either.  Nazis!

Surveyors.  Someone is selling their house.

This truck looks like mine.  Only it's a "Sport".

Waterford Lake

Rules of Waterford Lake.

Another Garage Sale.  She wants too much for the cabinet.  Good luck bitch!

Beck Road.  Looks like a long way!

Crummy chairs.  But they're free!

Secluded walk.

The only house built in failed subdivision.  Been there for 3 years.  Sad.

"The Hill"

Magical Mystical Garden.  Note wizard, sea dragon and Weeds!

Let's picnic in the driveway!

7-11.  Think I'll get a drink and some more Lotto tickets.

Linden Plaza.

My bank.

Finally.  I'm here!

The $1,157.15 car.  Let's go home.


  1. You've got a lake within walking distance of your house? Awesome!

  2. It's actually just a giant mined out peat bog that filled with water back in the 40's. Any old lake in a storm though, right?