January 04, 2011

A Very Rare PSA

In my constant quest not to do any real work, I tend to travel the internet a lot.  As with everyone, most of this time is wasted, but it sure is a lot of fun.  I've found that if you do this enough, eventually you come across something useful.

Last night, I came across two really great sites that I could actually see getting some use out of on a long-term basis.  And they hit all three of my criteria for useful shit,  1) They might benefit me, now or in the future.  2)  They're both simple.  3)  They're FREE.

Think of this as a Public Service Announcement like they used to have on old-timey television when there were only 3 networks.  Most of you remember ... you'd come home drunk at 4:00 in the morning and turn on the TV and there was the station's weatherman interviewing some church pastor about an all-you-can-eat bean dinner that would benefit starving children in the Congo.  And all the while your watching it, you wonder why the church doesn't just send a couple of sacks of dry beans over there instead of giving all the parishioners chronic gas, and also, your amazed that the weatherman can actually talk about something other than the weather, but then it's apparent that he's not doing a very good job during the interview and he probably should just stick to the weather after all.

It's kind of like that.  And besides, after that abortion of a post I put up yesterday, I think I owe to everyone to print something sort of worth while.  But I noticed that most of the first blog posts of the year that I read yesterday were really sucky too, so maybe we were all just hung over, or depressed, or some combination of the two.

Anyway, here are ... what I think are two great sites:

Evernote  Most of my ideas are shit, but I have a lot of them never-the-less.  I have been putting them down in a Word file, but with my incompatible computers, I have a file here, a file there and one more over there, so I never have anything all in one place.  I also like to clip articles, recipes, pictures, videos, web pages and e-mails.  Word sucks for this and everything is in a jumbled mess across three computers.  It's enough to make a girl cry.  I've only worked with it for a few hours, but this fucking Evernote thing is amazing!  I can jam all kinds of shit into it, and keep it in some semblance of order.  And because it's web-based, I can access it from anywhere.

Teux Deux  The fancy phrase for this is a "Productivity Application".  In reality, it's just a row of days, with a text input box and a row of dotted lines beneath each day.  Type your to-do into the given day, and then come back and click on it to cross it off when it's done.  You can drag things between days, and anything you haven't completed at the end of the day will automatically copy over to the next day. What's great about it is that you can use it for both business and personal.  And again, because it's web-based, you can access it from anywhere at anytime.

Okay, now that I feel I may have actually done something useful here, I can go back to writing about the stupid shit I usually stick in this blog with a clear conscience.

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