May 29, 2011

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Two years ago this summer, Jan and I took our first real vacation all by ourselves. Sure we were in our late 50's, but that's life.  Instead of the usual cruise, or a trip to the Caribbean, we chose to get in our car, and drive west, all the way to the Pacific coast. We spent almost a month on the road and had a great time.  I kept a blog that I updated at the end of each day.  Sometimes we stayed in some great places ... sometimes we didn't.  Over the next several days, I'll post selected days.  This was one of the places that we stayed that wasn't so great ... Green River, Utah.

The Town That Time Forgot

We just got back from what I guess passes for dinner in this town. I'm going to guess that Ben's Cafe lost the classification of greasy diner back in 1965 and took the title of "dump" soon after. But there was really no where else to eat. Gaze on the front sidewalk and entrance to Ben's at the right. Jan had pork chops, which was incredibly brave of her. The chops were supposed to come with a baked potato and vegetable, but they ran out of potatoes and vegetables and all they had left was fries. They had nothing left of what I wanted, so I had a BBQ burger. Ecccch!

The rest of the town looks like life gave up on it in the last several decades and the residents all look like they are close to committing suicide. Who can blame them? Join me as we go up and down Main Street in Green River, Utah ...

Abandoned Cafe (not the one we ate at)

Abandoned Bank across the street from Ben's

Abandoned gas station

Main Street
Tomorrow, we're going to visit Arches National Park near Moab, UT ... and then head for Colorado.

More later ...

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