May 25, 2011

Thoughts On Random Thoughts

A few of the blogs that I read have one day set aside for “lists”.  They pick a subject and just do a list of about 10 things.  Maybe it’s supposed to be sort of like David Letterman’s Top Ten things that he does on his show once in a while … only not as funny.  A lot of times, when these bloggers write their lists, they encourage their readers to send in their own lists.  I figure that all they’re doing is trying to steal ideas.

I guess I do the same thing when I do my “random thoughts” posts.  Only I don’t ask any of my readers to send in their random thoughts so I can steal them.  I’m real ethical that way.  I think the main reason I do the “random thoughts” posts is because they are subjects that just have enough air in them to make up about a paragraph at most.  I don’t like to put them on my facebook or twitter pages, because those things are for brain farts that you don’t care if you even see again.  I want something a little more permanent … so I put them here.  So, on this rainy Wednesday afternoon, here are some more random thoughts.

  • Last night my next door neighbor, “Hillbilly Ron” was nosing around on both sides of our fence in the back yard.  He was especially interested in the back corner, where I always pile my yard debris.  I figured he was pissed because I was piling organic shit up against his rotted out fence and he was going to come over and say something to me.  So I decided I’d be ready for his accusations, and answer him only in iconic dialog bits from the Dirty Harry movies; like “Go ahead, make my day”, “Did he fire six shots or only five?”, and “A good man knows his limitations”.  But he never did come over, so I wasted about 10 minutes on 20/20 foresight.

  • This morning I picked up my Styrofoam cup of scalding coffee the wrong way and spilled it all over my hand and my desk … and my phone and my keyboard.  Even though I was burned like hell, I made sure that all of the mess on my inanimate objects was cleaned up before I bothered to do first aid on my hand, even though it had started to blister.  Why?  Because I was embarrassed that someone would see the mess I made in my office.  This is what polite society has done to me.

  • Jan I were out doing some errands and I must have broken some sort of traffic etiquette, because some guy fingered me not once, not twice, but three times as he drove off.  Isn’t just once enough?  And why are the guys who finger you always driving 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlos?

  • Several weeks ago, I was gloating because I’d went to Home Depot and taken home a lot of  shrubbery at a discount because the cashier forgot to ring up a few items.  Last week I was charged double for some plants that I picked up and didn’t figure it out until I got home.  Karma’s a bitch man.
  • Did you ever break up with someone and then run into them several months later?  And when you did … after talking with each other for a few minutes, did you wonder aloud to each other why you had ever broken up in the first place?  And then did you make a date to go out and see if you could “start over again”?  And then about 5 minutes into said date, did you suddenly remember why you had broken up in the first place?  That’s kind of how I feel now after coming back to work in the same place that I was laid-off from in January.  Thank Jesus it’s only for another month.

Well, that’s only 5 random thoughts instead of  10 … but then this isn’t a list.  Oh, and keep your random thoughts to yourself.  I’ve got my mind clogged with enough of them already.

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