August 26, 2011

Fantastical Blog

"This blog goes up to eleven"

Wow, Friday at last!  This has been one tough week and I for one am really looking forward to chilling out a bit this weekend.  I have some medical transcription to do, but I'm planning on that not taking more than a couple of hours.  I hope!  (ha, ha).
Took my usual 3 mile walk this morning and found that my back is feeling a lot better, with almost none of the spasms that I experienced Monday and Tuesday.  Next time I decide to remove some old landscaping from the yard (that's how I pulled my back), I'll be sure to call my old friend Luigi at Mormino Landscape Services.  He does a great job at a fair price.   And while I was walking through the Forest Preserve, I ran into my old friend, Pastor Dennis, who watches over the flock at Hope Presbyterian Church.  While we were chatting, Pastor "D" gave me a taste of what he'll be sharing with the congregation this Sunday.  If you're in the neighborhood, why don't you stop by.  I'll be there (if I don't have transcription to do, LOL, LOL!). 

Did a couple of hours of medical transcribing this morning (boy, are those Iranian doctors hard to understand) before Bob of Morrison Home Services stopped by to fix that darn leaky kitchen faucet that had been giving me absolute fits for weeks.  He's a pip!  While he was here, we shared a fresh brewed pot of Folgers coffee.  Delicious!

All of that transcribing and coffee drinking made me hungry, so of course, I drove into town in my Chevrolet to have a bite of lunch at Burt's Deli.  The Friday special was tuna on rye with a cup of coffee ... only $3.99!  Filling and yummy.

Since I did a toilet bowl full of transcribing this morning, I was able to take an after lunch nap on my Simmons Beautyrest Mattress.  I was out like a light for a couple of hours.  Very refreshing!  I don't know why Americans can't take a tip from our neighbors to the south and take a siesta after the noon meal every day.

After my nap, I did another furious hour of medical transcribing (those Pakistani doctors are really hard to understand!), and then it was time for a totally self-serving treat.  I'd stopped at Walmart last night to peruse their CD bargain bin, and found a copy of "Sudden Impact", starring Clint Eastwood, for only 3 dollars!  Such a deal ... I love Walmart!  And it was a great movie.  Clint is "da man".

Tonight, I'm meeting my good friend Renee for drinks and dinner at the Country Squire.  Renee is a great person and always has a great story to tell, especially after a few Ketel One martinis! (LOL, LOL!!)

Hope you all had a good week and have a fantastic weekend.  Here's something to get you started:  (Thanks Gretchen!!)

Of course this isn't me ... but there is a guy out there who pens a blog just like this who lives in either Jersey or Philly, I'm not sure which.  I started reading his blog after another semi-famous blogger who lives in Texas did a whole post with nothing but the responses he had sent her, which were pretty fucking funny to tell you the truth.  So, I started reading his posts, expecting the same type of wit.  But instead, it was nothing but him talking about his day.  No stories ... no anecdotes ... just talking about his day, with a million links to local and national businesses.  I should have just moved on after a few days, but I ended up bookmarking his blog, because its like watching a train wreck on a continual loop.  And who knows?  Maybe he gets some free shit from all of the links he puts in each and every one of his posts.  Hey, maybe I'll get something from this post!

Time will tell.


  1. Oh, man, I started reading this, and I'm like "whaaaaaaaa?" I kept looking up at the blog title, all, "who IS this?" and "where AM I?" and "who's WRITING this?"

    And then I thought about looking for that other guy's blog, but ... nah. This post alone gave me a headache.

  2. Yeah, I just re-read my post and it gave me a headache too. And I just read this other guy's blog. Two paragraphs on taking down his mother's patio umbrella so the hurricane doesn't blow it away. I need a couple of aspirin.