August 01, 2011

First Of The Month Filler

This morning I'm waiting for the repair shop to fix my truck again.  I had something repaired on it just before we went on our trip several weeks ago, and when I finally got around to driving it again (last Friday afternoon), something else was broken.  I had put an incredible 40 miles on it since the last incident.  If I pro-rate these occurrences for the next month, I'll probably come to the conclusion that I could have purchased a new BMW if I had simply driven the truck off a cliff on July 1st.

So, while I'm cooling my heels, I thought I'd share something that has been making the rounds for the last week or two.  Maybe you've already seen it ... maybe not.  It's just an example of why my loathing of facebook is steadily growing, primarily because of this particular type of moron that uses it.  I'm sure you'll agree.


Too Bad They Blocked Out His Name

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