February 03, 2012

The Big Ball

I don't usually post on Friday night, because it's no doubt been a long week and I'm tired and ... if tradition stands, I have a couple of glasses of wine in my belly and I'm feeling mellow.

But today, I ran across a really beautiful picture of OUR HOME.  No, I don't mean that split ranch that you've had for 20 or so years now, but mankind's home.

Mother Earth.

And it looked very nice ... very inviting.  Here's a picture of the Western Hemisphere taken by some satellite or the other ... maybe Sputnik:

And of course, instead of just admiring the beauty of our earth, I started thinking.  What if ET was really out there and had just spent a thousand or so years bouncing around in space after having escaped his exploding planet ... let's call it Krypton ... by the skin of his balls, and was looking for a new place to live.

And he runs across this.

From this distance, he thinks to himself  "Holy Shit!  I've hit the motherlode!  Hit the retro thingies!

But ... he can't see it close enough yet.  And it's too fucking late.  He's augering in.  And as he gets closer, he notices things.  Centers of population.  "Hmmm", he thinks to himself.

It's too late.  He's about to touch down in the land of the craziest motherfuckers this side of Alpha Centari.

He should have slowed down at Mars.

Our home looks great from a distance ... sort of like Los Angeles on a summer night five miles away.

Looks can be deceiving.

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