September 13, 2009

Alzheimer's Check

I never used to think about my memory until a couple of years ago.  At about that time, I started to become mildly concerned about some of my daily routines; the things you do without really thinking about them.

Just as examples, moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and then realizing an hour later that you didn't turn the dryer on.  Or placing something in the pantry that should have gone in the refrigerator.  Or opening a closet door and having no clue what you were looking for.

Jan does crossword puzzles and the Jumble with the conscious goal of keeping her memory sharp.  I used to do the crossword when I rode the train to and from work, but I fell out of the habit.  When I started doing the Jumble, I discovered something about myself.  I can stare at one of the mixed up words for about 5 seconds, and automatically figure out the correct word.  I don't know how I do it, I just can.  As with so many oddities that emerge from my brain, I can't figure out how to turn this anomaly into a source of cash.

When I'm feeling apprehensive about my ability to remember things, which is every couple of months or so, I always go to my "gut check" memory tool.

Reciting the names of my teachers from kindergarten through 6th grade.  Here we go:

Kindergarten:  Mrs. Abernathy.

1st Grade:  Mrs. Curnutt. (Bonus memory points for remembering that I was in Mrs. McKnight's class for 3 hours until they realized I was in the wrong place)

2nd Grade:  (Uh, oh)

3rd Grade: Mrs. Barrow.

4th Grade:  Mrs. Snyder.

5th Grade:  Mrs. Snyder again (Yuck).  

6th Grade:  Mrs. Douglas.

This brings up one of the benefits of having a blog. Instead of enjoying the afternoon watching the first regular season football games of the year, you can pour through old pictures and grade cards trying to figure out who the fuck your teacher was in 2nd grade.

Postscript:  Hey, this is my 100th post.  Who would have thought I could transfer this much shit out of my brain onto paper.

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  1. Wow. I think my 5th grade teachers name was Mr. Daleo... but that's pretty much all I can remember. Now I'm worried. Thanks.