September 09, 2009

Hand Signals

This morning I was out running a couple of errands. Today is one of those kinds of days where I didn't feel like going out for anything, but I have a friend whose birthday is drawing very near, so if I didn't get a card, and mail it today, it wouldn't get there on time.  To me, sending a birthday card and having it arrive late is worse than sending no card at all.  And I never send belated birthday cards.  If I forget, then I'll just let it slide until the next year.  I feel the same way about receiving birthday cards after my birthday, or receiving belated birthday cards.  It's like the person cared enough to remember when my birthday was, but didn't care quite enough to make sure it got there when it counted.  When this happens to me, I usually wish the sender had just bought themselves a coffee and doughnut instead of pretending they actually cared about me.  Do you  hear that Mom?

Anyway, while I was driving, I came upon a small car in front of me that was weaving side to side as it traveled down the road.  At 9:30 in the morning, you really don't think of encountering someone who's driving while drunk, but I guess there's never a bad time to get loaded if you're in the mood.  As I drew up behind the car at a stop light, I saw that the two occupants were having a lively conversation by signing to each other.

I don't have any experience signing, but I would imagine that you need to be looking at someone to do it.  So that explained the weaving.  They were so busy talking that the driver didn't have time to watch the road.  The light changed and the two continued on down the road, signing away.  I noticed that both occupants were smoking and wondered if they got mixed up when they paused to flick their ashes out the window.  I also wondered if they could be pulled over and given a ticket for "signing while driving".  Sort of like talking on a cell phone or texting while driving.  The two seem like they would be similar distractions.

After a minute, the two turned into a McDonald's, and I glanced over as they pulled up to a drive thru window.

I wonder how that works?


  1. You would think that a mother would/could remember the day her child was born. Are you the middle child by any chance? They always get the shaft... so I hear from my sister. I'm the baby and was told I was spoiled my mother. Hello? If I was it's because you (mom) did it to me.

    Maybe the driver could speak but the passenger couldn't? I would think it would be just as unsafe as texting. Don't you?

  2. And thanks for making sure my birthday card got to me on time. LY