January 11, 2010

Guys 'N Dolls

I was looking at my facebook page last night, wondering why I didn't have more than six friends, and my eyes wandered over to the advertisements on the right side of the page. Just the usual stuff. But then, I took a peek at Jan's facebook page, and realized that there was a fundamental difference in the advertising. Why this hadn't struck me before is unclear, but it shows that all of the tried and true tenants of Marketing 101 are still alive and kicking.

Here are the pictures on my facebook page, accompanied by banners that shout. "Who's Searching For You?" and "Get In Touch With Former Classmates!"


On the other hand, Jan's page was adorned with these guys with captions that read "Find THE One!" and "Marry A Millionaire!"


Not even a gratuitous pec or six-pack shot for the ladies. I love being a guy.

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