January 30, 2010

Weekend Jumble

The other night, there was nothing on television that I cared to watch, so I pulled out my copy of "The Big Lebowski" and plugged it into the machine.  I love this film simply because it is so nuts.  A lot of other people must like it too, because it has apparently achieved cult status.  There is even a yearly Lebowski Fest to celebrate all things "achiever".  In fact, there is a line of Lebowski figures that you can purchase.  Here are some pictures from the Amazon site.

The characters are, in order: Walter, The Stranger, Jesus and Donny .  Studying them, they all looked kind of cartoonish, except for Jesus, who just looks frightening. Not much resemblance to their counterparts John Goodman, Sam Elliot, John Turturro and Steve Buscemi. So I didn't see anyone but the most devoted fan of the movie buying them.  Besides, John Turturo's character was a child molester.

But then I ran across a figure I did like.  The Dude. And, impulsively, I knew I had to have him.  And here he is:

The Dude Stands Alone
Complete with bowling ball & mobile phone.

The Dude & Friends

I'm still not too sure why I bought this doll figure.  Maybe it was because I was too old to get a GI Joe when I was younger.  Any any event, it's more than likely something deeply Freudian.  Looking at the last picture, I think I need to buy some kind of shelf to display this shit.

Speaking of The Dude, Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors.  Along with Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood, he's the type of guy that you'll generally always watch if you walk by the televison and see that he's in a movie that happens to be on.  But, as often occurs, there are one or two films that each of these guys made that are just embarrassements, and you shy away from them. With Bridges, it's "King Kong", with Connery, it's "Zardoz" (nice diaper Sean) and with Clint, it's anything with Sandra Locke.

And speaking of Clint, I ran across this cartoon during the week, which made me snort:

And speaking of movies, I have two that I want to watch tonight.  "Terminator Salvation" and "Public Enemies". I'm so excited that I can't decide which to play first.  I just hope they both don't suck.  Have a happy and productive Saturday night!

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  1. That toy is amazing! I cant believe you didn't send me a picture!!
    And T-salvation sorta sucked. Not bad if you're not looking for anything though. We still have to watch Public Enemies, I'm hoping it wont suck, I got to see part of the filming when I was living in Lincoln Park.