March 16, 2010


Every once in a while, my photo album becomes a little too much to manage, and I start looking for the runts of the litter to throw into the virtual trash can.  Some of them have been there for a long while, and others just a short time.  But they all need to go.  However, I am not by nature a cruel person, and like the jailer who gives the condemned man his last meal, I'm giving these images a last public airing before their hasty demise.  Please give them the respect they are due ...

But It Must Not Have Went By This Sign

This was supposed to be in Amarillo, Texas, but I'll be damned if I could find it.

Our Car In Salinas, California

And we were in Gallup, New Mexico.  A long story with a tragic, yet uplifting ending that I won't go into now.

Giant Phallic Rock Formation

It really didn't look like that in person.  It's in a national park, but there's probably a reason you never see it in a travel brochure.

The Last Vacation Photo

An abandoned gas station in Denver taken in a traffic jam.  We went 800 more miles and I can't believe we didn't take even one more picture.

My Son, The Artist

One of his projects from college.  It always made me want to watch Total Recall.

Portrait Of Stalin In Weird Hat

This fascinated me.  The only thing I could figure out was that it was a covering for those crazy WWI helmets with the spikes on top.

The Day Came And Went ... I Got Neither


I was going to build a post around this, but realized that I had nothing to write about.  Such a shame.

Same Thing (click to enlarge)

It was fun guys.  Now head for the trash can where you belong ...  "CRRRUUUNNNCCCHHH"!


  1. Everyone of those made me happy. Thank you. And I won't be telling my husband about the March 14th holiday.

  2. Thanks Libby! Apparently, no one told my wife either ...