March 03, 2010

You Know You've Had It With Winter ...

You know you've had it with winter when:

Parking your salt encrusted vehicle at work is actually embarrassing.

You shovel a spot in the back yard so you can see grass from your kitchen window.

The Burpee's Seed Catalog is more interesting reading than the Victoria's Secret All Bra Catalog.

You empty the bottle of Aveeno Hand Healing Lotion that you just bought in December.

A 37 degree day with a 25 mph wind is "refreshing".

You realize that there has been snow on the ground since Thanksgiving weekend ... OVER 90 DAYS AGO!

You run out of blankets to put on your bed.

White tennis shoes with slacks don't look so bad because at least you're not ruining your dress shoes by slogging through the slush and salty muck.

You have terminal "hat hair".

The skin on your ankles starts cracking.

You store frozen food in the garage ... and there's no freezer out there.

Florida starts to sound like a nice place to live.

You've actually experienced all of the above.

1 comment:

  1. Today it was 48 degrees. I turned on the AC in my car. Enough said.