February 27, 2010


Last weekend I took a few minutes and Googled myself. I like to do this every once in a while to catch up on what I've been doing.  The answer is invariably "Not Much". There was the usual stuff about me working at the Naval Postgraduate School Department of Computer Science Room GE-110 1411 on Cunningham Road in Monterey, California.  And that I had developed a multicast performance test suite and played a key role in MCI's content distribution and video strategy.  Plus I had robbed a couple of banks and jewelry stores.  I know, it sounds like I have been really busy with some really fascinating things, but alas, these accomplishments belong to other people who merely share my name.

And it's just as well, since I value my privacy and don't want to be splashed all over Google for everyone to see. I heard somewhere that you're supposed to feel ashamed if you Google yourself, because it's supposedly the sin of pride, or some shit like that.  But I don't see anything wrong with it.

What I've never heard of is people facebooking themselves.  This seems like some sort of basic omission, because who wouldn't want to see what other people who share your name look like?  It is said for every person on the planet, there is a twin lurking about.  Whether or not this is true is subject for debate, but wouldn't it be very cool if you not only had a twin, but they had your name too?  So, in the wee hours of this morning, I typed my name into the "friends" tab in facebook, and much to my surprise, over 200 names appeared!  Let's see if any of them look like me.  You can compare them to my distinguished photo in the sidebar and judge for yourself.

Pleasant enough, but he's bald ... and crooked.

No.  I have eyelashes.

I think I saw him in the nightclub scene in "Scarface".

What the fuck?

Nope.  Not even close.



Closer ...

Wait for it ...

Almost there ...

Bingo!!  An exact match!

Okay ... maybe not.  I'll keep looking.

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