February 26, 2010

Out & Out Thievery

It's been a hard week sitting on my butt at work, organizing and reorganizing The Penske File.  So I'm kind of tired tonight.  I was all set to write another one of my deep thought provoking pieces, but saw something on another blog that reminded me of something that happened at the market earlier this week.  I fished a 20 out of my wallet to pay for a beef jerky, a Zero bar and a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol, when I noticed that someone had written on the bill "Mike Ditka's IQ", with an arrow pointed to the "20" up at the corner.  I thought someone must have either been incredibly bored or really hated Mike Ditka to deface good old U.S. currency in such a manner.  But then I ran across the following and realized that the guy who had scrawled on my bill was a rank amateur.

Yes, I'm ripping off someone else's blog, but they ripped it off from someone else, who probably ripped it off from someone else. And so on, and so on ...  BFD.

Tron-ist Abe

Boba Fett Washington

Georgie Makes An iPod Commercial

Mario Lincoln

Bazooka George

Alexander "Ninja" Hamilton

Mad Hatter George

Teenage Mutant Ninja Abraham

Andy "Kiss" Jackson

Abe Gets "Boothinized"

Quick now, how much money was represented above?  DON'T LOOK!  Did you guess 51 dollars?  Well, you're wrong ....

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