February 24, 2010

Victim Of My Celebrity

Over the weekend, jammed in between cursing the damned snow that won't end and concentrating all the  powers of my mighty brain to willfully move time ahead to April, I came up with a couple of killer ideas for blog posts.

And just as I was about to lay fingers on the keyboard, I realized that all I would accomplish would be to offend people.  There was a time when this would have failed to stop me, but in the year or so that I've been doing this "blog thing", it's dawned on me that there are actually a few people who know the identity of the person behind the words.

In some ways this is "good".  In other ways, this is "bad".  Good because I've made friends and acquaintances that I otherwise wouldn't have had, and in interacting with them, have been entertained and learned a thing or two.  Bad, because I refrain from talking about certain things that would reveal me to be a closet asshat to those same people.

As Gentle Uncle Ben counseled young Peter Parker about his spidery endowment, "With great power comes great responsibility".  Only in my case, that would be toned down and the word "great" would be replaced with "not on the radar".

Still, it would be gratifying to just let loose and rip at someone or something without regard for the consequences once in a while. And to do this, I would have to become anonymous, kind of like "The Shadow" in the old timey radio days.

And this means I would have to start another blog for all of my rants.

Starting a blog is no problem.  There are so many auto-blog services out there that I could set up one in less than 5 minutes. But then I have to name it ... and pick a background ... and colors ... and a font ...and sidebar stuff ... and a cool anonymous name.

And let's face it, I'm just not that talented.  If I had worked in Detroit back in the 50's, someone else would have come up with the name "Corvette", and I would have chosen "Edsel".

But I think I can overcome these obstacles and actually have some ideas that might not be half-assed.  A cool bloggy title and a nifty bloggy name that will not only give me the anonimity that I need to tear the objects of my loathing a new butthole, but will ensure me instant readership.

I'm thinking ... The Huffington Post ... by Perez Hilton.

Catchy, huh?

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  1. Can I quit you and be anonymous under a better avatar and make snarky comments without regard to the fact that I know your real identity Clark Kent? Can you follow my blog and do the same thing? That would be stupendous. Because then I'd have a follower and a reason for doing things online that I usually keep in my head/diary/email and you'd have....um, something entertaining to read about how much your 20's suck ass. But I'll bet you knew that already.

    And we think you ARE that talented. We just like to pretend we don't stalk you on the internets.