February 13, 2010

Short Attention Span Theatre

It's Saturday night and you're bored.  There's nothing on television but the stupid Olympics.  And it seems that all of the other network and cable stations have thrown up the white flag of surrender to NBC, and aren't even trying to present anything watchable.  Obviously, they think that you are the only one who isn't held mesmerized by the spectacle of women's sewing machine curling and cross country ski dancing.

So, you scan your shelf of DVD's, looking for a movie to entertain you.  The thought comes that you'd like to watch something containing a car chase sequence, but you don't want to invest two hours watching a movie for only 5 or 10 minutes of kick-ass car chase mayhem.

Well pookie, I feel your pain and general laziness.  And that's why I've gathered together the creme de la creme of movie car chase action, stripping away such boring distractions as "plot" or "character development".  So grab a bottle of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill and a bag of nacho cheese Doritos and get ready to be entertained. Here are my favorite car chases from five compelling films.

The French Connection:  Crummy Pontiac Tempest chases clunky elevated train.

The Driver:  Who knew that Ryan O'Neal had enough brain cells remaining to drive a motor vehicle.

The Seven-Ups:  I car chase where you least expected it.

To Live & Die In LA:  Notice anything strange about the traffic pattern?

Bullitt:  The gold standard by which all others are judged.

I hope this counts toward my 20 hours of court ordered community service.

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