March 25, 2010

Silent Stalker

If there's one thing that I've noticed since starting this blog a year ago, it's that hardly anyone goes back and reads my old posts.  This is probably true for most of the other people who also write on a regular basis.  It's kind of like that old adage, "What have you done for me lately?"  And I'm the same way about reading other peoples blogs.  The only exception would be this person.  I know I've gone back and read every post she's written, some of them twice.  And like most of her readers, I'm right there when she puts in something new.  Boy, I'm sure glad I don't have that kind of pressure on me.  I just hope she can handle it and not get a swelled head, or a swollen something or other.

I thought no one ever went back and read any old shit of mine, until recently, when I was looking at a collaboration of my posts and the hits they've received. It was then that I realized that I have a regular visitor to a particular one.  I'd forgotten about it, and once I read it again ...  I don't know ... I guess it was kind of mean.

Having nothing else to do, I tried to figure out who was reading it, and what may have drawn them to that particular one.  Using triangulation, satellite tracking, sextant positioning, and mainly by looking at the IP address, I determined that it was one person.  And that person is ... the subject of that post.

It would appear that three or four times a month, Frances pours herself a whiskey and soda, fires up another Luckie and reads her post.  I can imagine the things that run through her head, and most of them probably concern my prolonged unnatural death.  I wish she would comment at least once, but she never has.

But Frances, if you ever read this, thanks for being a loyal reader, even if it is of only one post.  I may never have the wide audience of other more successful writers, but then again, they don't have you.

1 comment:

  1. Coupla swollen parts, but they have nothing to do with the blog.

    Thank you for reading my old stuff. And also GAH someone reads my old stuff!!?? But mostly the thank you part.