June 23, 2009

**** Is A Dick

I think I accidentally tripped over some kind of social experiment yesterday.  I'll explain.

I was walking through the back room and Jan had the television on as background noise while she was doing something for school.  "CSI Miami" was on, and for some reason, I sat down for a minute to watch it.  David Caruso was doing a scene, and I dislike him with a vengeance, but I watched anyway.

Later I was doing something in the garage when I thought "David Caruso is a dick".  So I went upstairs and wrote a post on my other blog with that title.  It only took about 5 minutes, and my other blog is where I just throw quick thoughts out, because I don't like Twitter.

So, last night, I was wrapping things up before I turned in and thought I would check my sitemeter on both blogs, because I think it's cool to see who has tripped across them and how they got there.  My eyes kind of bugged out when I looked at the number of hits I received on the "David Caruso Is A Dick" post.  I had more hits on that one post than I get on both blogs in a month!  Now ... no one commented, which I thought was strange, but they were definitely looking at it.

I sat there and wondered "why"?  There were only two answers.  One; either a lot of people loathe David Caruso as much as I do, or Two; people gravitate to something with "Is A Dick" in the title.  I googled "David Caruso" and got some things titled "David Caruso is a douchebag", "David Caruso Sucks" and "Fuck David Caruso"; but I'm not so sure that was the draw.  I think it was "**** Is A Dick" that caused the sitemeter overload.

If this is true, then it stands to reason that one could increase traffic on his or her blog by simply adding "Is A Dick" to any post title.  Let's try that with my post yesterday:  "Suddenly This Summer Is A Dick!"  Yes, that has a nice ring to it.

Better yet, I can take one of my orphaned blogs and just re-title it "Is A Dick", and put any crap that I want to in there, and no one will care.



  1. I get a lot of "0 second" traffic on my blog. What's up with that?

  2. I haven't figured that out. When there is time listed, it seems so exact, so I don't know about the zeros. Maybe the server it's coming off or some technical bullshit like that.

  3. You had no comments because of the quality (or lack of same) of your post.

  4. I concur with miki's assessment Rob. Your post was pure crap.

  5. That is too funny. Everyone I know thinks the same thing about D.C. I refuse to watch him because I can't stand the way his head is always to the side. GO VISIT A DAMN CHIROPRACTOR ALREADY!