May 01, 2009

I'm Easily Amused

Okay, a couple of months ago, I ran across something really funny.  I'll set it up for you.  Now, I'm going to pretend like I'm discussing something really weighty, like why did those astrophysicist guys pull the Solar System Planet title from Pluto? I mean, who the fuck died and left them in charge of what rock or gas ball gets to be called a planet and what doesn't?

And then I say some more shit and get you really worked up on this subject, so that you'd want to know everything you possibly could about it.  Then I'd say something like "If you want to know more about this very important subject, click here."

Go on.... click it for chrissakes!

Hah!  You just got RickRoll'd!

Oh My!  That was such a hilarious thing to do about one or two years ago. Man, that's really funny!

I am so pathetic.

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