May 18, 2009

Yep, They're Dead All Right

I was thinking the other day about things that we take for granted now that never existed 30 years ago. Take the internet for example. Most of us use this tool every day for work or leisure, but 30 years ago, hey, it wasn't available.

And there's so much more than free porn to look at! Take this site for example, the SSDI or Social Security Death Index.  For the easily amused, the SSDI can provide hours of fun!

You can check out relatives, friends and  loved ones to confirm they are dead. Or you can see if former bosses, bullies, enemies and best of all ...  ex-girlfriends have bit the dust.  And, you get to see their social security numbers as a bonus!

It would seem to me that the criminally-minded could use these social security numbers for nefarious purposes, but then again, this is a federal government function, so of course, nothing could go wrong.

And speaking of dead people, check out these cool pictures you can have added to your tombstone or marker.  Creep out your friends and relatives by staring back at them from beyond the grave!

I like the black and white ones.  Color pictures are a little tacky for this purpose.

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