May 14, 2009

More Monsters!

Even though the calendar says it's more than a month away, you know it's summer when there's another sighting of the Montauk Monster!  This hideous creature has struck fear in the hearts of Long Islanders for two years running now.  It's typical modus operandi is to wash up dead on local beaches, scaring the shit out of unsuspecting strollers, who then take pictures of it and push it with sticks into a garbage bag and spirit it away to an unknown location, after which they contact local news organizations and wait for the big money that will surely come their way when some idiot or another offers them tens of thousands of dollars for what will later turn out to be the water bloated corpse of a particularly mangy dog.

Closed-minded skeptics have ventured that the monster is just that.  A drowned mangy dog. Other skeptics describe the creature as a drowned raccoon, sea turtle, rat or a sheep.  And there are others who speculate that the washed up creature may be the result of experiments gone horribly awry at the sinister Plum Island Animal Disease Center.

But what do they know?  The real experts, cryptozoologists, point out that this is just another indicator that there are a vast array of strange creatures living among us, invisible to all but the most observant, as I have written about in the past.

And so, as pointed out so accurately in the 1951 motion picture "The Thing From Another World"; People ... Watch the skies!  Or in this case, watch where your walking on the beach or you may inadvertently step on one of these things. Ewwww!

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