May 27, 2009

Radio Rules

Yesterday I was out in the truck doing some errands.  I had the radio on, kind of half listening when something came on and I immediately reached over and turned it off.  And I mean like "right this fucking second" turned it off.  It was a commercial, and it goes like this:

1-877 Kars for Kids,
K-A-R-S Kars for Kids,
1-877 Kars for Kids,
Donate Your Car Today.

It's sung in some crazy-ass folksy, country way, and it annoys the living shit out of me.  It plants an earworm on me that I can't get rid of for hours.  Then I started wondering how many other things come on the radio that cause me to do the same thing.

With songs, it's "Playground In My Mind" by that creepy Clint Holmes, "Hooked On A Feeling" by David Hasselhoff, and anything by Gilbert O'Sullivan, although I don't think too many people know who he is, which is fortunate for them.  With talk radio, it's Charles Osgood and his stupid little segments on CBS, which I'm sure he thinks are clever but everyone else thinks "boy, I sure do bet Charles Osgood thinks he's clever".  Surprisingly, I'll listen to Rush Limbaugh on a long trip, even though I'm a closet liberal and Jan keeps asking me "Do we have to listen to this asshole?"

Jan and I have our own unspoken radio rules.  She'll allow me to lunge at the control knob and turn something off without objection.  And I'll allow her to do the same.  Except that she's never done it before.

But she probably will after she reads this.

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